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June 2005

March 2005

Excavation of the Lightcube site in glattpark, december 2004

Excavation of the Lightcube site in glattpark, december 2004

glattpark all set to start with construction work:
Allreal to build office complex Light Cube on Lindbergh Plaza

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Zurich/Opfikon, August 26. On the glattpark construction site (former marsh of Oberhauserriet), situated between the city of Zurich and its airport, Allreal is about to realize an eight-storied office complex and an apartment complex with 96 rental units. The buildings, lawfully approved and developed pursuant to the district plan of 2000, are among the first projects to be realized on the 168-acre glattpark site. Con-struction work on the two building complexes is scheduled to begin by mid-September 2004 and to be completed by summer 2006. Total construction costs will amount to some CHF 80 million. Investor is Allreal, a quoted real estate company that developed the projects about to be realized. The office and apartment units will be integrated into the company’s real estate portfolio.

glattpark is one of the major development projects in the greater Zurich area. The site comprising 168 acres between Leutschenbach and the airport is the largest housing reserve of the commune of Opfikon of 13,000 inhabitants. The district plan, developed by the authorities after a process of several years and approved in 2000, will make it possible to accommodate 6,000 inhabitants and 7,000 jobs in the area.

Working in glattpark
Flashy office complex Light Cube houses 500 modern work areas on seven floors and an attic floor, and this in a top neighborhood. The complex, designed by architects Leuner & Partner Architekten AG, Zurich, is impressive with its glass façade, a high-quality basic construction finish as well as a glass inner court and two winter gardens. The well-conceived concept with a flexible building structure lets the tenants adjust office areas to their needs and varying room concepts. Light Cube is situated in closest proximity to the planned Lindberg Plaza railway station of Glattal valley railway.

Construction work will amount to some CHF 45 million. General contractor Allreal AG will be responsible for construction and renting.

Facts and Figures

Working in glattpark



Allreal Generalunternehmung AG, Zürich

Project development

Allreal Generalunternehmung AG, Zürich


Leuner & Partner Architekten AG, Aarau

General contractor

Allreal Generalunternehmung AG, Zürich

First renting

Allreal Generalunternehmung AG, Zürich


Office complex with seven full floors and an attic floor for 500 job positions

Area of building lot

56,415 sq.ft.

Work area, net (without storage room)

157,800 sq.ft.

Building volume (without garage)

2.55 million cubic feet

Construction costs

approximately CHF 45 million


September 24, 2004

Excavation work

From November 2005

Erection of raw building structure

From June 2006

Interior work

From September 2006

Landscape work

September 2006

Renting with transfer to tenants

A Light Cube as a striking introduction

On seven stories and an area of 11,200 square meters, the Light Cube can accommodate 500 jobs, can be easily reached and is in direct proximity to one of two of the planned car park buildings directly opposite to the planned city railway station "Lindbergh Platz". The Light Cube has been designed for demanding users of office space and services providers.

"Demanding companies eager to plan their future at a first-rate location can rent office space in the new business building Light Cube," says Matthias Meier, press relations officer of Allreal. The Light Cube offers ideal conditions: top location and a modern, elegant and unique architectural concept developed by architects' office Leuner & Zampieri Architekten AG, Zurich, with an attractive shell, representative mall and green roofed inside court emphasizing individuality.

The structure of the building lets tenants implement varying room concepts and user-oriented layouts. "Future users will be able to realize their ideas in a simple, easy way, be it as tenants of the entire building or of large chunks," says Meier. First renting is scheduled for the spring of 2005, final construction work for the summer of 2005.

Text by: Sara Hauser

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