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Last months winners:


November 2004
Thomas Gurzeler, Ettenhausen, wins with his title "quadratic, practical and good"
a deck of cards, donated by the city of Opfikon.
"What I like most about this project is its lake."

October 2004
Thomas Läderach, Schleinikon, wins with the title "in medias ras"
an original Knirps, donated by the city of Opfikon.
"The great location with its connections to the international traffic could
become a superbe spot for industrial and habitational purposes here in europe.
The cultural attractions however must not be forgotten in this new part of 'Zurich'."

September 2004:

Ms Martina Schwarz, Zurich, with the title “More than just corners and edges” wins a book and pen,
donated by the town of Opfikon.
“It would be nice if a few affordable apartments became available either for rent or purchase.”

August 2004:
Reto Vogelbacher, Schupfart, with the title “Futura 2005” wins a pair of binoculars,
donated by Halter company.
“Creative living in close proximity to small trade businesses at a moderate price is important!”

July 2004:
Bruno Zimmerli, Würenlos, with the title “face view” wins a collapsible umbrella,
donated by the town of Opfikon.
“glattpark is the first real step preventing Switzerland from missing globalization.”

June 2004:
Ms Birgit Senn, Opfikon, with the title “in the elliptical center” wins a briefcase,
donated by UBS Opfikon-Glattbrugg.
“Design forms recur on the opposite side in the center of the ellipse.”

May 2004:
Ms Sarah Schröder, Glattbrugg, with the title “Youth” wins a rucksack with cap,
donated by UBS Glattbrugg.
“I find it important that there are sufficient possibilities for sports and for young people
between 18 and maybe 25 years of age.”

April 2004:
Ms Gabriela Bräm, Opfikon, with the title “Vision” wins a pair of binoculars,
donated by Halter company.
“Small trade businesses and living space should be close together. Mothers can then
go to work without any problems.”

March 2004:
Marcel Meisterhans, Humlikon, with the title “Space and time” wins a set of playing cards,
donated by the town of Opfikon.
“The design of glattpark should merge such elements as transparence, versatility and nature.”

February 2004:
Patrick Spandel, Oberglatt, with the title “Freedom at glattpark” wins a watch,
donated by the Glattal public transportation system.
“In the center, I see the oval building looking like the core object. On the outside, there should
be bigger buildings shielding against potential traffic noise. In the center towards the lake,
apartments would be great. glattpark this way could become an ideal residence for me.”

January 2004:
Ms Evelyne Rutz, Opfikon, with the Titel “Future” wins an “Opfikon” T-shirt,
donated by the town of Opfikon as well as a cap and a strap bag by Athleticum.
“glattpark should become modern and yet friendly.”

December 2003:
Ms Carmen Nerves with the title “all for all” wins a shirt, donated by Allreal general contractors.
“I find it very good that at last there has been found a solution bringing apartments and
businesses together. This is particularly good for families, e.g. the mother could go to
work and still be close to her child…”

November 2004:
Nils Fehr with the title “spontaneity” wins a Victorinox SWISS tool, donated by Halter company.
“To design a whole district, it is wrong to create individual units and place them on a
chess board. Rather, an overall concept should be devised designating which areas are
to be built, which left free and how available space is to be used. Only then should the
architect come in, architecture should be alive and conceived as such. That is why I don’t
really like the game very much as the individual units can neither be turned nor placed in
a mirror position.”

October 2003:
Nik Frey with the title “Futura” wins a pair of binoculars, donated by Halter company.
“Open green areas offer room for all kinds of activities. The proximity to the work place
and the shopping facilities saves time for really important matters.”

September 2003:
Dejan Milosavljevic with the title “All in one” wins a wallet, bag and cap by Athleticum.
“… and my vision: work on Lindbergh Alley, shop on Zeppelin Plaza and live on Piccard
Plaza. It was not possible to have my own airport, but with the new railway, it can be
reached within 5 minutes! What more do you want? When can I buy it?”

August 2003:
Fabio Trussardi with the title “Lake view” wins a wallet, bag and cap by Athleticum.
“”Important is the open view of the new, attractive urban park with lake for as many
apartments and offices as possible!”

July 2003:
Mischa Eckert with the title “Variety creates unity and identity” wins a mono watch.
“The interplay between different interesting shapes loosens the area, preventing
monotony. glattpark will be a place that inspires people.”

June 2003:
Ms Anja Piubellini with the title “controlled curvatures” wins a T-shirt and pen,
donated by the town of Opfikon.
“It is important that the buildings go well together, pleasing the eye. If concrete must
be used, then let's have a lot of green and sufficient space for individual living. Also
important is effective noise emission protection.”

May 2003:
Walter Wild with the title “switch” wins a T-shirt and a pen, donated by the town of Opfikon.
“The commercial buildings on Thurgauerstrasse and along the highway can seal
off the apartment buildings.”

April 2003:
Daniel Künzle is the winner with the title “The near future”.
“The union of Opfikon and Zurich, a step that should have been taken long ago.”

March 2003:
Roger Forster with the title “UrbaniCity” wins a T-shirt and a pen, donated by the Town of Opfikon.
“Living in the green and still be at home in the city!”

January/February 2003:
Thomas Schlatter wins a hammock, donated by Halter company.





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